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Hi, everyone

on previous post  I said that I got opportunity to print my T-rex and prawn 3D model. Yesterday, I just got my package from my friend Josaphat Soekahar, and it contain my t-rex and prawn 3D print plus some bonus. They print my T-rex twice, with different material and size.

The size of the first t-rex is pretty small, it’s only has 9.5 cm length (about 3.7 inches) and 5.5 cm height. But the detail is very good. It captures almost all the scales detail from the 3D model. The t-rex teeth is still printed, even its so small. The bad news is, small T-rex lost it’s two arms when in the exhibition, and the legs of the bigger one broken into two parts. I have some plan to fixed it using clay or putty, but, the size is so very small. Maybe I leave the small one as it is, and only fix the bigger one latter.

T-rex 3D Print
T-rex 3D Print

rex 1 rex 2 rex 3


The second t-rex, bigger one, has 15 cm length (about 6 inches). it has less detail compared to the small one, and it has hollow inside. They separate the body part into 3 pieces. The detail of the scales not really visible because of the contour, my guess maybe they printed this using low resolution setting, to make the process faster. We can see layer-by layer of the printing process on its surface. I think a little glue or putty will fix this.

brex 1 brex 2 brex 3


So the third one is the prawn, it has same size as the small t-rex. It’s 6 cm tall and the details is as good as the t-rex. Its small crab like hand on its chest thickness is less than 1 mm, really fragile. and actually there’s antennae on it’s head, but it can’t be printed since it’s really small.

prawn 1


I guess that’s all for this time. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Special thanks to Josaphat for this awesome gift
Special thanks to Josaphat for this awesome gift 😀