Metal Slug’s Huge Hermit WIP

So there’s new 3D modelling challenge on facebook, RETROGASM. The theme of this challenge is about making a character, creatures, or vehicle from old school game. The final presentation of the model should be uploaded on marmoset viewer or sketchfab. So everyone can see the model from every angle in 360 degrees.

And my pick goes to metal slug 3’s Huge Hermit, one of my favorite boss design in this game. It’s have really interesting design, it’s huge, and a combination between creature (the hermit crab) and the machine in it’s back (tank with triple cannons).

For the organic hermit crab model I use some reference from giant crab, lobster and hermit crab of course, also crab kaiju from Pacific Rim and Monster hunter’s Daimyo Hermitaur. It’s been a while from my last participation in a modelling challenge, I really excited for this one. I hope I can finish this model on time.

Here’s some progress sculpted in zbrush and some color test. I’ll update this post once I have some progress to show. Also I recorded the sculpting process, I’ll upload it when it’s done. Hope you like it 🙂

wip 2