Thundercats Statues Pedestal

Yep, this time I only work on pedestal, for Kinetiquettes Thundercats statues or Diorama. The character statues, Lion-O and Mumm-ra sculpted by talented Thiago Provin, for more pictures you can see in his facebook page HERE

As you can see in image below, there’s actually two pedestal, which can be combined into giant pedestal.


13403836_1807654506129167_9063445404907550104_o 13427751_1807654516129166_1201578550912135533_n 13428401_1807654629462488_4009607078156474124_n 13458496_1807654639462487_4585725753015253165_o 13465938_1807654679462483_8361478241641893337_n