Femme Fatales – Juri statue

femme_fatales_juri_a_WandahK-Tioxic femme_fatales_juri_b_WandahK-Tioxic femme_fatales_juri_c_WandahK-Tioxic femme_fatales_juri_d_WandahK-Tioxic femme_fatales_juri_e_WandahK-Tioxic

Hi, everyone, here’s my latest sculpt for Kinetiquettes, “Femme Fatales” Diorama Statues. So there’s three deadly ladies statues, Chun-li, Cammy, and Juri, and three of them can be combined into big diorama. For more information about the statues, you can check in Kinetiquettes site.