Thundercats Statues Pedestal

Yep, this time I only work on pedestal, for Kinetiquettes Thundercats statues or Diorama. The character statues, Lion-O and Mumm-ra sculpted by talented Thiago Provin, for more pictures you can see in his facebook page HERE

As you can see in image below, there’s actually two pedestal, which can be combined into giant pedestal.


13403836_1807654506129167_9063445404907550104_o 13427751_1807654516129166_1201578550912135533_n 13428401_1807654629462488_4009607078156474124_n 13458496_1807654639462487_4585725753015253165_o 13465938_1807654679462483_8361478241641893337_n


Koronus and Azrael Batman in viewer

Yeah this is 2014 projects, I just upload the marmoset viewer of it, for the Koronus Titan, it’s for Allegorithmic Titan Challenge, and for the batman it’s for comicon 2014. But the texture for the Koronus titan is kinda compressed because of max upload in artstation is only 15Mb. Hope you like it 🙂



Devil May Cry Sons of Sparda dioramas

Hi there,

Finally I can show you the pictures for the Devil May Cry diorama statue that I sculpted for Kinetiquettes.

So, there are two sets of statues, Dante and his Devil Trigger version, second one is Vergil and his Devil Trigger version. And you can combine each of them or all of them to make the battle dioramas.

I sculpted them in zbrush, with art direction from Adeeb Mynul, the guy from Kinetiquettes. It’s really fun to sculpt this diorama, and challenging, because we need to ensure it looks good if we combined each statue. I can’t wait to see this dudes printed.

DanteVSVergil01 DanteVSVergil02 DanteDTVSVergil01 DanteDTVSVergil02 DanteDTVSVergilDT01 DanteDTVSVergilDT02 DanteVSVergilDT01 DanteVSVergilDT02 SonOfSparda

Here are high resolution turnarounds if each character for your viewing pleasure:

Kinetiquettes’s Devil May Cry Statue

Hi everyone, here’s little teaser of something I’m working on with Kinetiquettes
Devil May Cry SONS OF SPARDA diorama statues, that’ll coming this year. Each diorama will come with both human and devil trigger versions of Dante and Vergil. With multiple display options, the two dioramas will create an epic, stylish battle scene.

I really excited working on this project, I can’t wait to finish them all.



Strange Juice fanart timelapse

It’s been a while from my last update, really busy with my thesis lately, but finally it’s done.. so I can back to zbrush again.

This time I go with making fanart from anime this season, the weird one, PUNCHLINE. After watch several episode I decided to make this heroine named Strange Juice. It takes longer than I expected, about 4 hours 😛

For the basemesh, I used from Cezar Brandao on his Digitutor, also I use hair brush from Sakaki, it’s super effective to make easy solid hairs.

Hope you like it ^^

Strange Juice

Strange Juice turn

Mirai Suenaga Tony ver. figure

Last year I read Danny Choo’s post about he’s going to make Mirai Suenaga into a pvc figure. And it’s Tony Taka ver. Really?? Oh God, I really love Mirai design especially when one of my fav artist who drew it. So, I need to have this.


After a year of waiting, Mirai Suenaga PVC Figure, finally it’s here….

mirai 2

mirai 4a










….here in Keyshot.

So…It’s my first time using Keyshot to render a 3d model, and it’s awesome. It can render real quick. (hope they can render gloss, reflection and zdepth separately)

As usual, sculpting done in zbrush, also first time sculpt in anime style, it’s facial anatomy really different with the real human face that I’ve studied.

mirai zb preview

mirai preview


After the model done, I decimate and export it using zbrush to keyshot bridge and render every part/subtool using layer to make it easier to edit it later in photoshop.

render tes 2 a

mirai testo 2.10

This is the raw render from keyshot. It’s really hard to get the right PVC skin material, so I add overlay skin layer in Photoshop to make it looks brighter. And yeah.. I still hoping to have a ‘real’ Mirai figure on display at my desktop, not just a fanart.

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day ^^


noticed by senpai
noticed by senpai


Jotaro Kujo fanart timelapse

Jotaro Kujo, sculpt done about 1,5 hours

I tried to give it anime effect,  I used the same matcap setting from this tutorial by georgius. You can download the matcap here:


jotaro kujo quick sculpting zbrush


turn 1


I render the anime outline matcap separately from main render. I used 2 passes for the outline, first one I change the Depth A in matcap setting so the outline feels thicker, give it the effect that I want. The second pass is the normal one, then I composite them in photoshop 🙂

help 1