Kinetiquettes’s Devil May Cry Statue

Hi everyone, here’s little teaser of something I’m working on with Kinetiquettes
Devil May Cry SONS OF SPARDA diorama statues, that’ll coming this year. Each diorama will come with both human and devil trigger versions of Dante and Vergil. With multiple display options, the two dioramas will create an epic, stylish battle scene.

I really excited working on this project, I can’t wait to finish them all.



Strange Juice fanart timelapse

It’s been a while from my last update, really busy with my thesis lately, but finally it’s done.. so I can back to zbrush again.

This time I go with making fanart from anime this season, the weird one, PUNCHLINE. After watch several episode I decided to make this heroine named Strange Juice. It takes longer than I expected, about 4 hours 😛

For the basemesh, I used from Cezar Brandao on his Digitutor, also I use hair brush from Sakaki, it’s super effective to make easy solid hairs.

Hope you like it ^^

Strange Juice

Strange Juice turn