Blog Update #2 T-rex 3D print

Hi everyone,

Last month I contacted by my friend from Klik3D that they need some 3D models to test their new 3D printer. I give them my old model T-rex, and recent one Prawn. They said I don’t need to edit the model, because they need it as soon as possible for exhibition purpose this August, so there’s no hollow inside the models, just a single solid plastic.

Actually I sent them three models, the third one is ‘Mirai’ Tony ver. model, but they said they don’t want to print it because it’s anime stuff, you know, anime’s eyes is flat when it comes to figure, so it will not looks so good for exhibition without eyes texture.

print process
print process *

They said they use MakerBot to print this. I still don’t know what size this print is. They planing to give the print to me after they done with exhibition. Really exited to hear that. So far they only give me the photo of the T-rex model. I’ll give better pictures when I’ve received it.

T-rex 3D Print
T-rex 3D Print *

I’m also waiting for my another print from i.materialise Singapore. My design titled ‘Spider Trap’ has been chosen by the jury as the winner of the Best Design in the Open Category

Spider Trap Design
Spider Trap Design

*) photo by Klik3D

Indominus Rex timelapse


indomin insta
Indominus Rex with instagram filter
Indominus rex


After compositing a lot of passes about an hour in photoshop, well, I’m not quite sure with the final result, so I try instagram filter. I just made an instagram account you can follow me here: tioxic 😛
And I think the result  is get better than the original, which look paler.

I’m looking forward to see Jurrassic World this early June, I hope the movie’s great.

Also, here’s the timelapse :