Thundercats Statues Pedestal

Yep, this time I only work on pedestal, for Kinetiquettes Thundercats statues or Diorama. The character statues, Lion-O and Mumm-ra sculpted by talented Thiago Provin, for more pictures you can see in his facebook page HERE

As you can see in image below, there’s actually two pedestal, which can be combined into giant pedestal.


13403836_1807654506129167_9063445404907550104_o 13427751_1807654516129166_1201578550912135533_n 13428401_1807654629462488_4009607078156474124_n 13458496_1807654639462487_4585725753015253165_o 13465938_1807654679462483_8361478241641893337_n


Koronus and Azrael Batman in viewer

Yeah this is 2014 projects, I just upload the marmoset viewer of it, for the Koronus Titan, it’s for Allegorithmic Titan Challenge, and for the batman it’s for comicon 2014. But the texture for the Koronus titan is kinda compressed because of max upload in artstation is only 15Mb. Hope you like it 🙂



Tigrex fanart

Another monster hunter fanart…TIGREX…  this time actually from a client, but I got permission to record the sculpting process. For the timelapse I posed the low poly mesh, so the final image is screen grab from Marmoset toolbag 2, not composited in photoshop like in previous videos.

Hope you like it 🙂

wandahk_tigrex_posed_1 wandahk_tigrex_posed_2 wandahk_tigrex_posed_3 wandahk_tigrex_posed_4

Devil May Cry Sons of Sparda dioramas

Hi there,

Finally I can show you the pictures for the Devil May Cry diorama statue that I sculpted for Kinetiquettes.

So, there are two sets of statues, Dante and his Devil Trigger version, second one is Vergil and his Devil Trigger version. And you can combine each of them or all of them to make the battle dioramas.

I sculpted them in zbrush, with art direction from Adeeb Mynul, the guy from Kinetiquettes. It’s really fun to sculpt this diorama, and challenging, because we need to ensure it looks good if we combined each statue. I can’t wait to see this dudes printed.

DanteVSVergil01 DanteVSVergil02 DanteDTVSVergil01 DanteDTVSVergil02 DanteDTVSVergilDT01 DanteDTVSVergilDT02 DanteVSVergilDT01 DanteVSVergilDT02 SonOfSparda

Here are high resolution turnarounds if each character for your viewing pleasure:

Tutorial membuat Tengkorak di Zbrush


Halo, lama tidak update, saat ini saya sedang di tengah pengerjaan proyek Kinetiquettes Devil May Cry 4 Son of Sparda Diorama Statue, yang rencananya akan rilis tahun ini dan tahun depan. Sebenarnya ada satu lagi video speed sculpting yang saya buat, namun harus tertunda terlebih dulu karena masih belum sempat mengedit video.

Saat browsing di folder project lama saya menemukan folder tutorial yang sempat saya tulis sekitar 3 tahun yang lalu, cukup lama memang, sebenarnya tutorial ini dulunya saya tulis untuk IndoCG, sayangnya tidak sempat ditampilkan karena ada beberapa permasalahan pada saat itu. Oleh karena itu saya putuskan untuk menguploadnya di blog saya.

Saya rasa tutorial ini cukup basic, menjelaskan workflow dasar yang saya gunakan untuk sculpting pada waktu itu. Zbrush yang digunakan Zbrush 4R2, dimana sudah ada fitur dynamesh. (Jadi terdapat beberapa perbedaan minor dengan Zbrush terbaru)

Mengapa tengkorak? karena dalam pembuatan karakter anda harus memahami anatomy terlebih dahulu, salah satu anatomy yang paling dasar adalah tengkorak.

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Kinetiquettes’s Devil May Cry Statue

Hi everyone, here’s little teaser of something I’m working on with Kinetiquettes
Devil May Cry SONS OF SPARDA diorama statues, that’ll coming this year. Each diorama will come with both human and devil trigger versions of Dante and Vergil. With multiple display options, the two dioramas will create an epic, stylish battle scene.

I really excited working on this project, I can’t wait to finish them all.



Live Action Monster Hunter Video

This guys, RATE VFX, just made really awesome visual effect fan-videos about live action Monster Hunter in Youtube, “Real Monster Hunter in Modern Days” and it hits thousands watch by only couple of days. It’s in japanese but, you’ll understand it right away if you ever played monster hunter.


and I take part in this video by making the DevilJho’s 3D model.

Yes it’s the same Jho’s bust model that I did year ago, and I added the body part and make it low poly so it able to be rendered in 3ds Max.

jojo_rt_3_tioxic jojo_rt_2_tioxic jojo_rt_1_tioxic jojo_zbrush_tioxic

Hope you guys like it, be sure also to check the Making of video on their Channel and don’t forget to hit like and subscribe button. 😀

Indominus Rex – full version

Hi, everyone…

a lot of youtube comment ask for the full body version of my indominus rex bust before, so I decided to make one. hope you guys like it.

Indominus Rex - full version

Indominus Rex – full version


If you want to download the ZTL files, please visit my GUMROAD : https://gum.co/hyQVn

I also upload the model in SHAPEWAYS so it can be 3Dprinted : http://bit.ly/1PzK2Im



Blog Update #3 More 3D print…

wp 1

Hi, everyone

on previous post  I said that I got opportunity to print my T-rex and prawn 3D model. Yesterday, I just got my package from my friend Josaphat Soekahar, and it contain my t-rex and prawn 3D print plus some bonus. They print my T-rex twice, with different material and size.

The size of the first t-rex is pretty small, it’s only has 9.5 cm length (about 3.7 inches) and 5.5 cm height. But the detail is very good. It captures almost all the scales detail from the 3D model. The t-rex teeth is still printed, even its so small. The bad news is, small T-rex lost it’s two arms when in the exhibition, and the legs of the bigger one broken into two parts. I have some plan to fixed it using clay or putty, but, the size is so very small. Maybe I leave the small one as it is, and only fix the bigger one latter.

T-rex 3D Print
T-rex 3D Print

rex 1 rex 2 rex 3


The second t-rex, bigger one, has 15 cm length (about 6 inches). it has less detail compared to the small one, and it has hollow inside. They separate the body part into 3 pieces. The detail of the scales not really visible because of the contour, my guess maybe they printed this using low resolution setting, to make the process faster. We can see layer-by layer of the printing process on its surface. I think a little glue or putty will fix this.

brex 1 brex 2 brex 3


So the third one is the prawn, it has same size as the small t-rex. It’s 6 cm tall and the details is as good as the t-rex. Its small crab like hand on its chest thickness is less than 1 mm, really fragile. and actually there’s antennae on it’s head, but it can’t be printed since it’s really small.

prawn 1


I guess that’s all for this time. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Special thanks to Josaphat for this awesome gift
Special thanks to Josaphat for this awesome gift 😀

Metal Slug’s Huge Hermit WIP

So there’s new 3D modelling challenge on facebook, RETROGASM. The theme of this challenge is about making a character, creatures, or vehicle from old school game. The final presentation of the model should be uploaded on marmoset viewer or sketchfab. So everyone can see the model from every angle in 360 degrees.

And my pick goes to metal slug 3’s Huge Hermit, one of my favorite boss design in this game. It’s have really interesting design, it’s huge, and a combination between creature (the hermit crab) and the machine in it’s back (tank with triple cannons).

For the organic hermit crab model I use some reference from giant crab, lobster and hermit crab of course, also crab kaiju from Pacific Rim and Monster hunter’s Daimyo Hermitaur. It’s been a while from my last participation in a modelling challenge, I really excited for this one. I hope I can finish this model on time.

Here’s some progress sculpted in zbrush and some color test. I’ll update this post once I have some progress to show. Also I recorded the sculpting process, I’ll upload it when it’s done. Hope you like it 🙂

wip 2