Live Action Monster Hunter Video

This guys, RATE VFX, just made really awesome visual effect fan-videos about live action Monster Hunter in Youtube, “Real Monster Hunter in Modern Days” and it hits thousands watch by only couple of days. It’s in japanese but, you’ll understand it right away if you ever played monster hunter.


and I take part in this video by making the DevilJho’s 3D model.

Yes it’s the same Jho’s bust model that I did year ago, and I added the body part and make it low poly so it able to be rendered in 3ds Max.

jojo_rt_3_tioxic jojo_rt_2_tioxic jojo_rt_1_tioxic jojo_zbrush_tioxic

Hope you guys like it, be sure also to check the Making of video on their Channel and don’t forget to hit like and subscribe button. 😀